Scorecards: The Deconsultation

  • The EmerAgency is a deconstructed consultancy, meaning that it is simultaneously an immanent critique of conventional consulting and an experiment in an alternative mode that adapts arts and letters knowledge to a practice supportive of a virtual public sphere. . . . The MEmorial brings the unconscious into consulting. (Ulmer, EM xxxi).

The best PERSON not in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Roger Maris' Career Stats.
Roger Maris' 61 in '61, game by game:
Back to back MVP awards, 1960 and 1961. "Only 11 players have won consecutive MVP awards, and all of the others who are eligible have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame."
Seven all-star games.
Seven World Series appearances.
A Gold Glove.

"There might have been better players, but there was no better man." -- Mickey Mantle on Maris.
"Roger Maris was the equation for guts. Courage, integrity, character, and principle. It was the way he lived his life." -- Howard Cosell.

Dear Committee on Baseball Veterans,

As you know, Roger Maris is well represented in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but Maris himself has not been elected, even though "Why Isn't Roger Maris in the Hall of Fame?" is an FAQ, and he is the only one of three player FAQs (Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose being the other two) who did not violate a significant conduct rule. You need Roger Maris in the Hall of Fame. Although counter-intuitive in an age of spectacle and show, The Hall of Fame and baseball generally needs more quiet heroes, needs more purposeful heroes, and needs to set itself apart from other sports as the game of community and social change, a game that can rival soccer for its global appeal and global peace keeping. Maris, as you know, but your visitors might not, is Gehrig to Mantle's Ruth; Maris was "not a headline guy," and he was a "good man, a family man, a steady fella" who died much too young; the exact opposite of Ruth and Mantle who were out of control all the time. In light of Barry Bonds approaching Hank Aaron's career home run record, Maris' character has once again emerged as a quality worthy of consideration.

The barrier Maris broke is not nearly as significant as the barrier Jackie Robinson broke, but Gehrig, Robinson, and Maris represent the best people baseball has to offer, and baseball has always been, and will always need to be, more than a game of numbers.



Honoring North Dakota Values and Breaking the Color Barrier in Global Politics

  • After fewer than 10,000 white people died in Kosovo, the US intervened to prevent genocide. So far, several hundred thousand black people have been slaughtered in Darfur, and our President hasn’t even dedicated a speech to it. (Nicholas Kristof, “If Not Now, When?” The New York Times October 29, 2006 (4.13)).

The Darfur Scorecards for North Dakota's Congressional Delegation, as of May 15, 2007.

May 17, 2007

Dear Senators Conrad and Dorgan, Representative Pomeroy.

I know all of you have done good work locally and nationally to make Fargo one of the best refugee re-settlement communities in America. I know that all three of you extol "North Dakota values" whenever you campaign for re-election, and all three of you have lived those values throughout your careers as public servants. I also think you would agree that Roger Maris serves as an icon for North Dakota values: hard work, team player, humble, family and community oriented, capable of great things, but not wishing to be in the limelight.

I hope you will see from this MEmorial that The Lost Boys of the Sudan are part of our community in North Dakota, and should be treated as family. I hope you can understand that their families still in the Sudan are part of our community as extended families. We all face many pressing issues locally, nationally, and globally, but I also hope you see that neglecting the Lost Boys in our midst, their families abroad, and neglecting the genocide in Darfur is an unacceptable sacrifice for the war in Iraq. We must stop waging war in our global village; we are hurting ourselves, our families, our community.