1a. Please consider making a donation to The International Rescue Committee's Lost Boys of the Sudan fund, the Duk Lost Boys Clinic fund, or a local Lost Boys organization, like the "Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan" in Jacksonville, Fl. The Sudanese in Fargo do not have a local sponsoring group, but it is not too late for one to be formed. Joseph Akol Makeer is a Sudanese refugee in Fargo working on a documentary, and his project, African Soul, American Heart, is accepting donations. The John Dau Foundation and the Valentino Achak Deng Foundations are examples of Sudanese Lost Boys working to rebuild their home villages; both foundations accept donations.

1b. Please consider contributing to, supporting, or making use of the Maris Africa Fund supporting emerging markets in southern Sudan and other post-conflict countries in Africa. (New link, 16-12-10).

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3. Please contribute to your community. Learn from its monuments, attach your work to it, add to your community, literally and virtually.

4. Please consider contributing comments and suggestions on this page or on the discussion board above.

5. Contributing Sources, if not linked.

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